Monday, April 5, 2010

LOST Books Challenge updates?

We're getting close to the last episode of LOST, and that makes the official end of the LOST Books Challenge.  How are you all doing with this challenge?  Are you on target to complete your 5 books?  Which ones do you still have to read? Give us an update in the comments.

Also, if you've reviewed any of the LOST books on your blog and you haven't given me the links to cross post them here, please comment on this post with the appropriate links - I'll add them to the blog asap.


  1. I have 3 to go.
    I'm thinking Left Behind, Evil Under the Sun, and I can't decide on book 5.
    *fingers crossed*
    I know! I have some work to do.
    When is the finale?

  2. Oh no...I am a loser. I am not on target, and probably won't get to them either. I overcommitted my self. Sorry gang! I will still read them though becuase I don't think LOST will end when the show does. I may actually rewatch it.
    I did read Alic in Wonderland though, and how appropriate since the white rabbit was on last night.

  3. Juju - The finale is Sunday, May 23. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!

    Jenny Girl - No worries. I'm sure Amy and I will keep the blog open for quite a while to accommodate those of us who don't finish on time. :)