Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Episode Recap: Happily Ever After - UPDATED

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Let's dive right into this week's episode:
  • Uh oh ... I'm dreading Desmond's reaction when he realizes he back on the island ... Yup, that's about what I was expecting.
  • Now Widmore's people are going to test something ... but what?
And that's as far as I got before succumbing to the need for nighttime cold medication.  I promise to watch and recap this episode tomorrow.  For now, feel free to start discussing the episode in the comments and also post links to your reviews in the comments.  I won't be reading the comments until after I watch the show on DVR tomorrow night, so feel free to include spoilers. :)


Ok, forget the blow-by-blow recap that I usually do; I could NOT take my eyes of the screen for this entire episode, so no live blogging. 

This was possibly the very best episode of LOST ever.  My questions weren't exactly answered but things were definitely made clearer this week.  I feel like the show is really starting to pull together all the various and sometimes conflicting storylines into a (potentially) amazing work of art.  FINALLY. 

On a more superficial note, it was great to see so many characters who haven't been around in a long time - Desmond (of course), Penny, Charlie, Daniel, and even George (who was he in the original timeline? I know his face but can't quite place him ...).

After this week I am REALLY looking forward to the final five episodes!!!

And now I'm off to check out your comments and posts. :)


  1. I am SO confused. Just when I get a theory it turns out to be wrong. I will say this:

    I think future Widmore has had his memory wiped too. Otherwise, he would never purposely put Desmond anywhere near Penny.

  2. I hope you feeel better Pumpkin!
    Here are my thoughts

  3. Juju - I think you're right.

    Jenny Girl - Thanks! I think it is just springtime allergies. :)

  4. George was on the frieghter. He was the first one to feel and suffer the effects of the mental time traveling - he was on the boat as desmond threw the switch.... and began jumping through time mentally as well.

    George did not find a constant though, and soon perished.

    Juju, what do you mean "had his memory wiped?"

  5. TNBBC - Thanks for clearing up George - that makes sense now. But now I wonder, why did he hop thru time the first time? And what is it that he wanted from life that he is getting in the new timeline?

  6. So glad someone remembered George. I was wondering about that too.

    I don't think anybody has "had their memory wiped" but I do think Daniel hit it on the nose. They've tried to "course correct" the universe and unintentionally given themselves a substandard life....not necessarily and unhappy life, but not the one they were intended to live. This is once again a very religious philosophy. (Being happy doesn't mean you are fulfiliing your purpose on this earth.)

    My thoughts/reactions are here:

  7. Heather, it was not his choice to jump through time - it was a sad side effect when the energy was released as Dessy turned the key...

    He is not wanting anything in this flash sideways life, I strongly believe this is just a picture of what life would have been had there been no island, and no jacob.

    The people who died on island time, they are just living out a substandard life in the sideways flash. The current islanders seem to have some control over the sideways lives they live.

    Meaning - I see Jack and Jin and Sun being better people now, and their sideways lives are different, but maybe an improvement... they are nicer, more well rounded people.

    Sayid is emotionally dead now in both the island time and sideways flash. So those that are currently alive, they can affect their sideways lives.....

    Am I making sense? I feel like Im not making sense :)