Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hilarious LOST poem

In lieu of an episode recap this week (since all we got was a rerun!), please hop over to to check out the HILARIOUS poem detailing the deaths of many of our Losties.  It is guaranteed to make your day better!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Review: Evil Under the Sun

Review snippet: "Murder, intrigue, and propriety mingle and sizzle in the summer heat at the Jolly Roger Hotel on Smuggler's Island Leathercombe Bay. Thank goodness detective Hercule Poirot just happened to be vacationing there when a dead body turns up. Now that I have read my first Agatha Christie, I see why she is so loved. The story is ripe with colorful characters, plots twists, and mystery. I had my theories. I even kept a diagram of the characters and possible motives. But the mystery alluded me up to the very end."

My LOST connections:
-Arlena Stuart captures the hearts of many men just like Kate.

-Arlena and Nikki Fernandez are strikingly similar. But (because I refuse to spoil the book) all I will say is that they are both actresses with poor taste in men.


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To read my review in full please visit Evil Under the Sun review.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Episode Recap: The Last Recruit

 Welcome to another week of LOST recapping!  Hope you all had a great week. :)  As always, I'm sharing my thoughts on the show and I want to hear from you so chime in in the comments!
  • Locke Monster confessed to both Jack and Claire that he was using their father's body back when they first got to the island.
  • Locke Monster's comments about the original Locke being a sucker just made me sad.  I hope that this doesn't turn out to be the truth about the original Locke. 
  • Claire to Jack: "You decided the moment you let him talk to you.  Like it or not, you're with him now." What is the significance of letting Locke Monster talk to you?  That seems to be a huge theme but I'm not sure why.
  • Widmore's people can bomb Locke Monster's people?  If that is the case, they should be able to get rid of Locke Monster, don't you think?
  • Hurley's comment about people being brought back from the "dark side" - you know, "like Anakin" - was great!
  • Kate is basically blackmailing Sawyer in the alternate timeline regarding his trip to Australia.
  • Ilana is Desmond's lawyer. Ha!
  • I loved Desmond's comment to Sayid: "What are you going to tell this woman that you did to get her back?"  I'm REALLY hoping this is the key to bringing Sayid back to the "light" side ...
  • Is Claire coming back to her senses because of Kate's speech?  Funny, I thought it would take more than that.
  • Claire and Jack meet in the alternate timeline (after Desmond worked some of his magic) but Jack is called away to emergency surgery - I'm guessing this will be for Locke (I was right about that).  It looks like the alternate timeline is parallleling the island timeline - Claire and Jack, Sun and Jin, etc.  Did you notice that as well?
  • Why don't I think that Sawyer's escape plan will work?
  • And now Sawyer wants to throw Jack off the boat because Jack isn't sure about leaving the island ... and there goes Jack!
  • Jin & Sun are at the hospital and their baby is going to be okay - yay!
  • Jack and his son are bonding.  This is good, but I'm thinking something is going to go wrong.
  • Back on the island Jin and Sun are FINALLY reunited - YAY!!!!!!!! (oh, and Sun can speak again too)
  • Looks like Widmore doublecrossed Sawyer - go figure.
  • Widmore bombed Locke Monster but it's Jack who is injured.  I'm having flashbacks to the original plane crash, what about you?
  • Locke Monster to Sawyer: "It's ok, you're with me now."
Is it just me or did the preview for next week look like the preview for a horror movie?  Why is that?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Episode Recap: Everybody Loves Hugo

Can I tell you how much I LOVED tonight's episode?!  Here are the highlights in my opinion ...
  • Ilana blows herself up - I didn't see THAT coming!
  • I'm so glad to see Hugo and Libby together.  Why doesn't he remember her?! I want them to be another of our true love couples.
  • The voices in the forest? Souls trapped on the island for various reasons.  I'm glad to have that finally explained.
  • Hugo in a leadership role is great to see.  I'm thinking that he will be the ultimate guardian of the island in the end - what do you think?
  • I had a bad feeling about Locke-Monster and Desmond, and unfortunately it held true.  What is the deal with throwing him in the well?!
This has been one of my very favorites episodes this season.  What did you think about it?  Please share your thoughts in the comments, and link to your recaps as well.

UPDATED TO ADD ... I forgot to mention that I LOVED when Libby kissed Hurley and he started to remember her.  That made me so very happy. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

LOST Finale to be an Epic 5 Hours Long

It's only fitting that the very best show in the history of shows will have a 5 hours send-off.

Two hours of pre-show.

Two hours of actual LOST.

One hour of Jimmy Kimmel Live: "LOST after the Final Rose"

This is almost too much excitement for me!

But 5 hours?????

(Source: The Wrap)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Episode Recap: Happily Ever After - UPDATED

~SCROLL DOWN for the latest update ~

Let's dive right into this week's episode:
  • Uh oh ... I'm dreading Desmond's reaction when he realizes he back on the island ... Yup, that's about what I was expecting.
  • Now Widmore's people are going to test something ... but what?
And that's as far as I got before succumbing to the need for nighttime cold medication.  I promise to watch and recap this episode tomorrow.  For now, feel free to start discussing the episode in the comments and also post links to your reviews in the comments.  I won't be reading the comments until after I watch the show on DVR tomorrow night, so feel free to include spoilers. :)


Ok, forget the blow-by-blow recap that I usually do; I could NOT take my eyes of the screen for this entire episode, so no live blogging. 

This was possibly the very best episode of LOST ever.  My questions weren't exactly answered but things were definitely made clearer this week.  I feel like the show is really starting to pull together all the various and sometimes conflicting storylines into a (potentially) amazing work of art.  FINALLY. 

On a more superficial note, it was great to see so many characters who haven't been around in a long time - Desmond (of course), Penny, Charlie, Daniel, and even George (who was he in the original timeline? I know his face but can't quite place him ...).

After this week I am REALLY looking forward to the final five episodes!!!

And now I'm off to check out your comments and posts. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

LOST Books Challenge updates?

We're getting close to the last episode of LOST, and that makes the official end of the LOST Books Challenge.  How are you all doing with this challenge?  Are you on target to complete your 5 books?  Which ones do you still have to read? Give us an update in the comments.

Also, if you've reviewed any of the LOST books on your blog and you haven't given me the links to cross post them here, please comment on this post with the appropriate links - I'll add them to the blog asap.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Book Review: Lord of the Flies

Allie at A Literary Odyssey has been busy lately.  She's read her third book for the challenge, LORD OF THE FLIES, by William Golding.  Allie didn't like much about this book but she did find that is related to LOST in a variety of ways:
  • The struggle between two leaders (Jack and Locke) that threatens to tear apart a group of survivors)
  • Being lost on and island and forced to survive
  • The savagery of certain individuals vs. those who want to survive and be rescued
  • The plans for eventual rescue by different individuals vs. the needs of the group to survive
  • The hunting of the wild boar
  • Violence between individuals in the groups
There is more, but those are the biggies.

Be sure to check out the complete review for details on why this book wasn't a big hit with Allie.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review: O Pioneers! by Willa Cather

Allie at A Literary Odyssey read O PIONEERS!, by Willa Cather.  She absolutely loved this little book but couldn't relate it much to LOST:
I had a really hard time making any connections other than the characters' names: Alexandra and Carl. I even talked it over with Matt and he had nothing else to offer as well. I suppose I could attempt to draw comparisons between all of the characters and the idea of being on a frontier, as the island is a new place to many of them, but that seems so shallow I won't develop it.
To see what makes this book so wonderful - even if it isn't full of LOST-ness - check out Allie's complete review here

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Review: Animal Farm, by George Orwell

Allie at A Literary Odyssey read ANIMAL FARM and found some definite connections to LOST.  Here's a bit of what she had to say:
Early on in the show's run, it is made clear that there are a few survivors who hold more power than the others (the main characters obviously). As a group, they call the shots and run things, often making the minor characters their little puppets. Since it is a show and they are the main characters, the audience has to sympathize with them. After all, they are the ones we are introduced to and care about.

However, you get a glimpse of this kind of Animal Farm corruption in an episode in Season 2 where a minor(ish) character is attempting to build a sign on the beach to get rescued. The characters simply dismiss it. There is also a lot of discussion about who is in charge and who is calling the shots.

It is interesting, to say the least.

To read the rest of Allie's review please click here.