Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Episode Recap: Sundown

We're back for another week of LOST live blogging for what looks like a Sayid-centric episode. I'm so excited! Here we go ...
  • Alternate-timeline Sayid gets to be with Nadia - YAY!!!
  • Or not. Turns out she's married to his brother. Boo. And the brother is creepy. Extra boo.
  • Dogen is giving a speech about Good and Evil - a huge theme on our beloved show.
  • The fight between Sayid and Dogen busted up all the lovely plants. How sad.
  • Why does a falling baseball stop Dogen from killing Sayid? (All I keep thinking about when I see that baseball is Commander Cisko from Star Trek Deep Space Nine ...)
  • Locke-Monster and Claire are at the temple. This can't be good.
  • Back in the real world Omar is in trouble and he wants Sayid's help. But Sayid is doing his "I'm a good man" thing both on and off the island.
  • Dogen has a secret box under the plants. And it has a sword in it.
  • According to Dogen, now that Jacob is gone, Locke-Monster is free and now plans to destroy all life on the island. Do we believe this?
  • Dogen wants Sayid to prove that he's good by killing Locke-Monster before he has a chance to speak. Is it just me or does that seem to fit in the NOT GOOD category?
  • Omar is in Jack's hospital - go figure.
  • Why is it that Kate, wandering the jungle, runs into everyone? First Sawyer, then Jack & Hurley, now Sayid. I'd think the jungle would be a bit bigger than that.
  • A Kate and Claire reunion is imminent ... how do we think it goings to go?
  • Sayid just pulled out the sword to defend himself from a creepy wind ... no, it's Locke-Monster.
  • Sayid stabbed Locke-Monster but it didn't kill him. Did Dogen know this would happen?
  • If we can believe Locke-Monster, Dogen just wanted Sayid to dead by any means necessary.
  • Now Locke-Monster is hinting that the past can be changed ... I wonder what this means.
  • Alternate-timeline Sayid feels so guilty about his past that he feels he doesn't deserve Nadia.
  • Dogen is surprised to see Sayid alive.
  • Locke-Monster's message to the temple people: leave the island with me by sundown or you'll die. I'm thinking that this may be how the island ends up submerged but I could be WAY off here.
  • Kate is confessing to Claire and Claire is giving her the evil-crazy eye.
  • I wonder if Sayid's message to the temple people was really the message Locke-Monster gave him or if he changed it in some way.
  • Omar's "business partners" now have Sayid. And the mercenary from the ship, Keamy, seems to be the guy in charge.
  • And just like that, Sayid is in control of the situation. That is why you NEVER mess with Sayid.
  • Who is banging away in the freezer? It's Jin! Man, this is turning into a LOSTie reunion.
  • (Is it weird or cool that the alien chief from "V" just did a commercial about the Visitors liking Lost?)
  • We're back and the pool with Dogen and Sayid.
  • Dogen's story: He was a successful businessman in Osaka but got in a drunk driving accident and his son died as a result. Someone came to him and said he could save his son but in return Dogen had to come to the island and never see his son again. And that person was ... Jacob.
  • Sayid wants to stay.
  • But wait, now he's trying to kill Dogen in the pool?! I guess this means that Locke-Monster is now in control of the temple ... Will this turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing?
  • It's looking like a VERY bad thing.
  • Ilana and crew are here!
  • Ben is creeped out by Sayid. I think I would be too.
  • Poor Sun, she is too late for Jin yet again.
  • Claire and Kate emerge from the pit. Was anyone else expecting Claire to try to kill Kate while she was in there?
  • Locke-Monster, Sayid, and Claire all seem to have a connection with each other. It's sort of like watching a zombie army as they're all walking away, don't you think?
I really liked this episode! There was a lot going on but it seems like our LOSTies are finally getting back together ... that makes me happy.

What did you all think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments and link to your recap if you posted one.


  1. Oooo Claire looks crazy mad. Will she eventually attack Kate and therefore cause Kate to kill her?

    How come Kate runs in to everyone but not poor Jin?

    Ben fighting with the good guys now?

    I love how Ben is quick enough to know Sayid is different now.

    Oh thank goodness Miles is ok. I like him for some reason.

    How come Ilana knows all the secret doors?

    Why didn't Dogen kill Sayid when he had the chance?

    Why did Dogen have the power to keep Locke monster out?

    Poor hippie Lennon!

  2. I really liked this episode and had a ton of thoughts about good, evil, light and dark in the show I posted here.

    As to the island being submerged because of Smokey, aren't the on-island events happening three years after what's happening in the side-flashes? That's just what I thought, but Lost-time makes my head hurt trying to keep up.

    When the baseball fell and Dogen didn't kill Sayid, besides thinking "what the CRAP," I thought of Field of Dreams "if you build it, they will come."

    I'm excited for another Ben-centric episode, but I want more Miles too!

  3. Here's my recap:

  4. I have a recap up. I liked your thoughts and I can tell you were just as surprised when Sayid drowned Dogen...

  5. juju - I agree, Kate needs to run into Jin!

    longbrakeliving - I think you're right about the submerged island, I was just thinking too quickly during the show. :)

    S. Krishna - Thanks!

    kisatrtle - Yes, yes I was.

  6. I was on the edge of my seat at the end--but it still isn't making any sense to me!

    I did like your recap--