Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Episode Recap: Dr. Linus

Welcome to this week's Ben-centric episode of LOST! Here we go ...
  • Ilana knows Ben killed Jacob.
  • In the alternate timeline Ben and his Dad left the Dharma initiative.
  • Alex is one of Dr. Linus's students ... creepy.
  • Making Ben dig his own grave = REALLY cold
  • The whole deal with Ben tutoring Alex creeps me out for some reason.
  • Hurley calling Richard a cyborg or a vampire is rather funny
  • Richard: "Jacob gave me a gift."
  • Teacher Guy/Island Guy (what IS his name?!): "Linus, you're a real killer." Ah, if he only knew ...
  • Richard: "I can't kill myself which is why I want you to do it for me."
  • Richard: "When Jacob touches you, it is a gift. But it isn't really a gift, it is a curse."
  • Apparently Jack is now special too, since he can't be killed.
  • Ooh, Locke-Monster is visiting Ben. This can't be good ... or can it?
  • Dr. Linus, blackmail works only when you can't be blackmailed back. And how awful is it that a principal would threaten to ruin a student's career to get back at a teacher?
  • Is Ilana taking Ben because of his confession or because she doesn't want Locke-Monster to have him?
  • I love Ben's smile when he's done something good for Alex - maybe he CAN redeem himself after all, at least in some way.
  • Aaand we're back on the beach. Does this feel like deja vu to anyone else? Didn't Sun ask for help with the tarp way back when? It seems mighty familiar ...
  • It's a LOSTie reunion!
  • A periscope? How very 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. And who else could it be but Charles Widmore of course.

I'm not sure what I think about this episode. Honestly, it didn't hold my attention very well, nor did I feel the need to rewind and watch parts of it again. What did you all think?


  1. I like anything with Ben, so I was pretty happy with this episode as far as my own enjoyment factor, but as far as really learning anything, nothing new really happened.

    I just thought Richard, Jack, and the other candidates couldn't kill themselves, but could be killed by other people. Richard wasn't too clear on the details of that one.

    I never thought about Illana taking Ben because she doesn't want Flocke to have him, I thought more of her taking pity on him and seeing how his feelings about Jacob matched her own -- both of them were tired and frustrated with serving him.

    My recap is here.

  2. After reading several other recaps of this episode, it seems that I'm in the minority in not liking it ... ah well. :)

  3. I was so proud of Ilana for accepting Ben's apology.

    I am so glad to see Ben on the road to redemption.

    I loved seeing Miles talk to the dead and tell Ben that Jacob had hoped he was wrong about him. Jack is totally on my last nerve.

    I kinda wanted him to blow up.

  4. Teacher Man/Island Man is Artz. He was the one who blew himself up with the unstable dynamite.

    I think it was Sun who asked Juliet to help her with the tarp, but I am not sure. It was sort of familiar though.

    I think Illana accepting Ben back into the fold was two sided. He was once a chosen one of Jacobs - if not to rule the island, then at least to be his go-between. SO Illana must have had some obligation to orignally protect him. And of course, she cannot allow anyone to join forces with NotLocke, who is the evil to her good (or the good to her evil).

    Do we know which side is which? I think they are both other than what they seem, if you catch my meaning.

    And Widmore finding the island is certainly not a good thing, or is it? He wanted Locke to go back to the island, but he wanted him there alive. Does Widmore know that Locke is dead and NotLocke is MIB? What will Widmores role in all of this be?

  5. Here's my recap/thoughts! http://www.skrishnasbooks.com/2010/03/lost-dr-linus.html

  6. My thoughts are here

    I thought that other teacher looked famailiar but I couldn't figure out why!
    And what is Ilana's story? Maybe she is forgiving Ben because she is a good person. Or she will just take him out later.

  7. me again, just here to say that I'm enjoying all the comments and recap posts - thank all for participating!

  8. my thoughts are up here I'm going to check out everyone's thoughts as well. I can't remember that teacher/island guys name either...

  9. I love these theories: http://metrowny.com/blogs/archives/379-ABCs-Lost-Dr.-Linus-Recap-and-Theories-75b0xw00d.html