Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Episode Recap: Recon

First off, I'd just like to point out that the summary of tonight's show referred to John as "Locke Monster" - the exact thing I've been calling him all along. :)

And now, tonight's episode:
  • off-island Sawyer is a cop, and Miles is his partner - gotta love that!
  • Kate is creeped out by Claire's "baby" ... I would be too
  • Locke Monster, on the people who stayed at the temple: "The black smoke killed them."
  • Locke Monster: "I didn't rescue them. I AM the smoke thing."
  • Locke Monster: "It's either kill or be killed, and I don't want to be killed."
  • (Is it just me, or does LM have some great lines tonight?!)
  • off-island Sawyer is on a blind dead with non-dead Charlotte
  • new book: Watership Down, and there were two others on the shelf but I didn't catch the titles - did you?
  • off-island Sawyer threw Charlotte out for looking at his "Sawyer" album
  • back on the island, Sawyer found Kate's dress from their cage-love adventure
  • Locke Monster put the smack-down on Claire for trying to kill Kate
  • Ok, now Sawyer's found a bunch of dead bodies AND a new character ... great, just great.
  • Charlie's brother is looking for him at Sawyer's police station
  • oh look, Kate is crying ... why is this not a surprise?
  • Sawyer's been captured by the Hydra Island people
  • Smokey's history? His mama was crazy and it scarred him for life.
  • looks like the Hydra Island people are actually Charles Whitmore's people - and they are setting up an anti-Smokey fence
  • off-island Sawyer is drinking beer and watching Little House on the Prairie? this is getting weird ...
  • and Charlotte shut the door in his face - you go girl! Not that I don't love Sawyer, but a girl's gotta stand up for herself, you know?
  • Sawyer and Whitmore are making a deal ... I'm pretty sure this will go badly, unless Whitmore knows a way to kill Locke Monster
  • crazy Claire is apologizing to Kate - do we think she is really sorry, or is this more of her craziness?
  • now Sawyer is confirming his deal with Locke Monster - who do we think he is really going to side with? I'm thinking he'll go with whoever he thinks is winning ...
  • off-island Sawyer is telling his childhood history to Miles
  • off-island Sawyer just caught Kate - and I just realized that at the airport, Sawyer was a COP who let an obviously fugitive Kate escape ...
  • Sawyer is back to calling Kate "Freckles"
Next week is a Richard-centric episode - now THAT is one that I'm really looking forward to!

As usual, please share your thoughts and recap links!


  1. I really missed Hurley has night! I brief comedic interlude would have made this episode so much better -- all of the emotional heavy got to me after a while. Plus, I just love Hurley!

    I wondered if Locke Monster was talking about himself or about John Locke -- crazy mother could very well apply to John.

  2. longbrakeliving - I think he was referring to Smokey's history (or to the Man In Black's history) b/c he said "before I looked like this" ...

  3. More Miles. Yah! I like him for some reason.

    Seriously - when is Kate going to realize things are not well in baddie camp and she needs to do what she does best and that is RUN? ;)

    I missed Hurley too :)

  4. Let's not forget that last nites episode was really focusing on Sawyers inability to tell the truth and all the trouble that gets him into... Both versions of Sawyer learned a valuable lesson, the truth carries you through...

    I love the fact that he is a cop, and chose the good life over a life of crime, even though it sounds as though he only became a cop as a means to finding cooper....

    And I also love how he and Miles are a team... that is their fate, to work together (they spend three years on Dharma time together)...

  5. Here's my recap:

    I really enjoyed this one! Loved the Sawyer/Miles dynamic.

  6. Couple of things I noticed.

    - Off-island Sawyer looked into the mirror, just like off-island Jack did. I think it's a trend of some sort.

    - Watership Down was in a previous episode. In fact I think Sawyer was reading it on the beach in one of the earlier seasons.

    - Miles is awesome. But they never really showed if he had his "talk to dead people" talent off-island. Hmmm.

  7. my link is up here

    I liked this episode, but I'm still struggling with the idea that Sawyer is a cop.

  8. I love your re-caps! Interesting that the sawyer cop let fugitive kate off the hook. I didn't catch that last night. I keep waiting for Juliette to appear in the flash sideways . . .