Thursday, April 16, 2009

Episode Recap: "Some Like It Hoth"

What an episode! This week I jotted notes as I was watching - here's what I was thinking as the show progressed:

  • Miles WAS the baby we saw with the Dharma Doc a few episodes ago. Does he know who his father is?!

  • "Circle of Trust" - HA! That is such a typical Island phrase, don't you think?

  • I think Juliette could have come up with a better explanation for Ben's disappearance. What was she doing all the time that Sawyer and Kate were gone?!

  • Aha! Miles DOES know who his father is.

  • Hmm, I kinda like young punk Miles.

  • I'd completely forgotten about the Miles/Naomi connection. I'm so used to thinking of him as part of our main group that I forgot he was a freighter-ite.

  • Jack could have handled Roger's suspicions about Kate a bit better.

  • Hurley in the van with Miles and Dharma Doc = hilarious.

  • "Cause they're building our hatch." - Hurley

  • Again with the "shadow of the statue" thing - who ARE these guys? Were they on the Ajira flight with Ilana? The guy talking to Miles looks very familiar ...

  • Hurley is writing Star Wars!

  • "Get some rope." - Sawyer

  • Hurley comparing Miles to Luke Skywalker = classic.

  • Who are the scientists on the boat going to be? I bet there's someone we recognize. And it's Faraday. Ha! That totally debunks my theory, but I remember thinking that he could have left the island too. (Didn't we discuss this at some point? I'm certain it was on one of your blogs....)
I'm not sure what to think about next week's episode. It reminds me of the Survivor episodes when they post a bunch of random clips just to give you a better idea of what is going on at camp. I usually skip those episodes. Do you think there will be anything new in next week's Lost, or do you think it will just be a chronological retelling of clips we've already seen?

So ... thoughts? Analysis? Theories? Favorite lines of the night? Link up to your post and let us in on your thoughts or post a comment and share right here.


  1. Yep, more and more I'm thinking Hawking is in charge of Ilana's "Shadow of the Statue" crew. It was nice to see Miles and his backstory. I had a feeling he was going to be Pierre's son, but was glad when the confirmation came. Most interesting to me though was the fact that he said on the 3rd day at Dharma, his mom got in the cafeteria line behind him. That would put their meeting/crossing paths 3 years ago. Meaning she could have known about Miles and his name before she even got pregnant with Miles. How's that for bizarre.

    I also think it's odd that Dharma is building the Swan outside of their "turf" (in the Others part of the island). Could this be a reason for locking it up like it's hazardous outside? Who knows. Maybe Radzinsky just went nuts after the Purge. Maybe he somehow survived and stayed in there to stay safe.

    I can't wait to find out what the Shadow of the Statue crew is going to do. You know they're bad news and you know they're armed. And it seems clear they fired on the time-traveling dugout with Sawyer and are the "threat" coming to the island that Walt had dreams about. But does it have anything to do with the actual statue on the island?

  2. Could the Shadow of the Statue crew be Others who were either kicked off the island or left of their own free will? I think they're somehow tied to the Others, I just can't make up my mind as to HOW.

    They could also be the children of those who wore forced to leave the island, or have a situation similar to Penny's where their parents left the island to have them and were then forced to leave.

    However they tie in, I'm not convicned yet that they're tied to Widmore or Ben in particular.

  3. Great theory about Hawking and the Statue Crew. She knew which flight the 06 would be on so she'd be able to put her people on there as well. She doesn't know about Lapidus, right?

    And you are totally right about Miles knowing his mom before he was born (that only makes sense on a LOST post!). I wonder if he's gotten to be friends with her or just avoided her.

  4. I think this was the least interesting episode of the season, but it does leave me wondering if Ben and Widmore aren't the only two factions in the battle.

  5. Shauna - Although I completely disagree with you (sorry, don't be mad!) you are not alone ... The Lost Diary blog gave this episode a C and complained about all the Star Wars references. Ah well, that's how it goes - you can't please everyone. :)

  6. I loved the Star Wars references! And was very intrigued by the "Shadow of the statue" thing apparently not being associated with Widmore... mysterious! My biggest question was definitely just wondering who was behind them... also, is Sawyer just planning to keep that dude tied up in a closet or something? It was a fun episode, though after all the tension and suspense of smoke monster and hieroglyphs last episode it seemed a tiny bit slow by comparison...

  7. I think
    1) John Locke is the monster (resurrected John Locke, that is)
    2) The Shadow of the Statue gang are original inhabitants of the island, Alpert is one of them, and they might all be ageless... maybe. :)
    Read it here:

  8. Kacie - interesting theory for sure, and both parts are make lots of sense. It would definitely explain a few things!

  9. Interesting... I like the idea that Daniel might have been helping to build the Lightpost, but that would confuse me because wouldn't they already have needed it to navigate the submarine to the island successfully each time?

    It's all very confusing LOL