Thursday, April 9, 2009

Episode Recap: "Dead is Dead"

This episode certainly had lots of info in it! Here are my random thoughts for today:

  • GO DESMOND! I was so concerned that Ben was going to kill Penny or Charlie and I was THRILLED with the beating Des gave him.

  • I like the new John Locke ... he's sort of "zen" don't you think?

  • Ben is such a liar! I know, I know, nothing new there. But MAN! He had a different story for every person he talked to. How does he not get confused?!

  • Do we think Cesar is DEAD dead, or just "island" dead (meaning he comes back over and over again)?

  • What did you think of the Ben/Rousseau episode? As a mom, I think I'd have attacked the guy who was taking my baby, but who knows ... all I can say is that my heart was breaking for her.

  • Penny was born to a "non-islander" and apparently never lived on the island herself. Charles's "off-island" affair seems to have led to Ben's takeover as leader of The Others.

  • Ben's Dharmaville house has a secret, hieroglyphic-covered passage. If the Dharma-ites built those houses, what were THEY doing with that passage? And who lived there before Ben?!

  • It looks like everyone who speculated about the ancient Egyptian connection might be right. There were definitely hieroglyphics down there and lots of Egyptian-type imagery.

  • So ... Smokey shows a person things from his/her past. That certainly jives with what we've seen so far (remember Mr. Eko?). But what did Smokey see in Ben that kept it from killing him?

  • Is Alex really alive, or was she a manifestation of Smokey or "island magic"?

  • Ilana appears to be the head of yet ANOTHER group of dangerous people ... who is she connected to? I don't think it is Ben ... Charles, maybe? Someone else?

I'm sure I've missed something - feel free to add more in the comments. Oh, and the previews for next week look great. I can't wait to see more about Dr. Whatever-His-Real-Name-Is and what he is REALLY doing on the island. And we get to learn more about Miles too - yeah!

What did you think about this episode? Comment or post a link to your recap/analysis below.


  1. I definitely picked up on Locke's new "zen" quality too... but now I'm wondering if it's because it isn't John, it's a manifestation of the island?? That's Crystal's theory (on the linkie) and it jives with the one I had been concocting too... I'm pretty sure Alex isn't really alive though.

    I kind of felt like Rousseau should have tried to jump him too -- I would have to be knocked unconscious for someone to take my kid away from me without a fight.

    I posted about how I think the hieroglyphics could tie-in with the smoke monster and dead people... let me know what you think! :)

  2. Yeah.. is John really John? That... I don't know. Maybe John is the current Christian - who came to the island in a casket and now is appearing to people and guiding their actions?

    Still, John seems much more REAL than Christian does.

    You ask an excellent question - who lived in Ben's house before Ben? hmm... there is some Dharma history we don't have yet, I think... hmm...

  3. OK, I've FINALLY read all your recap posts and I've got a few thoughts ...

    - If you haven't read Sarah Eliza's explanation of the Egyptian stuff, go do that right now. It may shed a LOT of light on the show.

    - When I recapped I totally missed the Ben/Ethan connection. That DID occur after the Purge, so ... what exactly happened there?

    - has their recap post up, and there is a very interesting theory posted in comment #9 about how Charles might be the one behind Dharma. Go check it out then come back and tell me what you think.

    That's all for now - what do YOU think?!