Friday, April 3, 2009

Faraday Theory

Amy's recap this week got me thinking about Faraday and now I've come up with a theory. I mentioned this in the comment section of a few blogs but I'm posting it here because I want your input.

Here's my theory:
We've discussed the idea that island Ellie is actually Faraday's mom, Mrs. Hawking. I'm pretty sure that is the case. (We've also discussed the possibility that she is young Charles Widmore's girlfriend/wife. I think this is likely as well.)

I think Faraday went a bit loopy after all the time travel stuff and seeing Charlotte as a child. He couldn't stop trying to find a way to fix things. So he defected to The Others to join his mother, who he knew would be there. Then he spent the next several years teaching her all she needs to know so that in the "future" she can send the O6 back to the island (like we saw her do earlier this season) and MAYBE even fix the timeline for everyone.
So ... crazy theory or logical LOST plot progression? You decide.


  1. I think that makes sense to me. Actually, although Faraday is grieving, he still had some sort of driving scientific purpose to be on the island. I think it makes sense that he's with the hostiles because they're the ones that have the capacity to time travel somehow - what with Richard, Ben going back and forth to the outside world and then back to the island, etc. If Faraday wanted to deal with the time stuff, i think he had to go to the hostiles, and you're right, since he of course knows his mom, he possibly already knew where to go and what to look for.

  2. Makes sense to me! But it's 1977...what year do you think Daniel was born? Would he be living side by side with himself as a baby/child or will he see his mother when she is pregnant with him? Weird! I LOVE time travel stories! :)

  3. Kacie - glad to know it makes sense to someone else too.

    Good point Shelly - not sure how old Daniel is supposed to be, but I'd think he's at least in his 30s (based on the fact that he was a professor). Maybe he wasn't raised on the island?

  4. Makes a lot of sense and I think it is very feasible.

    As for the Daniel Dae Kim interview you asked about....I found it at in the LOST Untangled clips. It is actually a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live and it is a joke. I won't give away the punch line but it's pretty funny. Apparently Jimmy Kimmel is a big LOST fan and has the actors on pretty often. I never watch his show but several clips from it were in the LOST Untangled stuff.