Thursday, March 5, 2009

Episode Recap: "LaFluer" says .... Sawyer perpetuates a lie with some of the other island survivors in order to protect themselves from mistakes of the past.


Well, talk about introducing a whole host of new characters! Ok, ok, so we've met some of them before ... Horace was the dead guy Locke met, and we've seen the dark-haired guy from the first scene before, right? Amy IS new though. And her baby boy ... I wonder who he grows up to be, and do we know him?!

I loved this episode but I must admit, the previews were misleading. I thought we'd at least get to see Sawyer's reaction to the 06's arrival, but no - we get the same staring look that we saw in the previews.

And now have to wait TWO WEEKS to find out what they all say when they see each other?!?! Not fair ABC, not fair at all.

Soooo ... what did you all think of this week's episode? Comments, questions, theories? The comment section is officially open for your input. Here are a few quetions to get you going ...
  • What do you think of the new, kinder, gentler Sawyer?

  • And speaking of Sawyer, will he drop Juliet for Kate? Will Kate expect him to? And will Juliet want Jack back? Which match-up do you prefer?

  • What is Jin going to do once he realizes Sun is back ... without the baby?! And what will he think of her new "scary" persona?

  • Are the Ajira 316 people and Locke in the same time period as the O6? If not, is there more time travel in store?

  • Does anyone remember when the Dharma Purge happened? Is it coming up soon in the original timeline?

  • Is Ben at Dharma yet?! You'd think that would have come up if he was, but you never know ...

  • And did anyone notice which book(s) Sawyer was reading this time around?

Please discuss!

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  1. I just saw a comment on this post saying that maybe Juliet's name was chosen specifically b/c she will never have a successful romance (Romeo/Juliet) ... interesting thought ...

  2. I much prefer Juliet and Sawyer to Kate and Sawyer, especially over this season's Kate -- she creeps me out.

    What I really wonder though, is are all the O6 in the same time period? It seems like Sun and Frank are in a different one.If so, why?

  3. I'd say yes, all the O6 are in the same time period. But then again, what happened to the rest of the 815ers? I thought they'd be hopping in time along with Sawyer & crew, but they never seem to find each other ... not sure what's going on there. And speaking of that, Sawyer and Jin have spent 3 yrs combing the island looking for their people (the 815ers and the 06) and haven't found ANYTHING ... something is not right here ... but wait, this is LOST - EVERYTHING is not right here. ~LOL~

  4. Yes, LOST puts your brain in the blender everytime.

    - I like the new Sawyer, but the old Sawyer is still there sometimes. And I much prefer him being partners with Juliet.
    - Jin plus Sun minus the baby equals one big mess.
    - I agree that the A316 and O6 people are all in the same time. But what worries me are those 815 survivors, where are they? Shouldn't they have all time-jumped like the rest? And if so, what happened to them?
    - I think the Purge and Ben come to Dharma later.
    - And no, couldn't tell what book it was.

  5. All good comments!
    Ben and the purge come later
    I think everyone is in the 70s just different islands
    Kate ...grow up sweetie and get over yourself!

  6. I'm not sure I think the 316ers are all in the same time period. didn't it seem Locke was in a place where the Dharma station was abandoned?

    I am head over heels for Sawliet. It's the healthiest relationship this show has seen. so so sweet! I will despise the writers for ever if they don't give Juliet a happy relationship. Right now she's my favorite female on the and clever.

  7. Amy - Based on the episode that aired before LaFleur, the 316 survivors were on the smaller island where the Hydra station was (where Sawyer and Kate did the nasty in the zoo cage). Which means Lipidis and the "woman" who fled in the dugout would have gone to the main island, thus explaining Sawyer and crew discovering the Ajiria water bottle in the dugout. Still doesn't explain who chased them in the other dugout, but I'm thinking it was the 316 crew. So yes, I think they're in a different time zone.

  8. I've always thought Sawyer was 'kinder and gentler.' :<)

    I can't stand Kate, and I feel so badly for the way Sawyer seems drawn to her. She's a user and a loser. (My little Kate poem)

    I'd like to see more about Juliet's past. Did we ever find out how her sister is doing? If she really likes Sawyer, I'm fine with them getting together. (me-protective of Sawyer)

    It was fun to see Sawyer in 'real' glasses, not the makeshift ones.

    So, there are my four sentences, all with the name Sawyer (now five).

  9. Nan - I know, I've always had a soft spot for Sawyer as well. I just hope he doesn't get all stupid now that Kate is back ...

  10. Nan...I love your poem about Kate! It's spot-on!