Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode Recap: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"'s episode summary: Locke's fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed.

Gotta love those one-liners, huh?

This episode was fantastic! Lots of action, lots of characters, some answers, and more questions ... classic Lost!

Here's a bit of what we learned this week:
  • Tunisia is THE exit for the island. Is that where Widmore ended up when he left too? And is that where Charlotte found the bones of the polar bear with the Dharma collar on? I think it is, and I'm guessing Dharma experimented with transporting animals before trying it on people.
  • Matthew Abadon works for Charles Widmore. And just when we think we're getting somewhere with Abadon, learing a bit about his background, BAM - he's dead. That splatter of blood on the back of the car was a shocker for sure. Any insight on what Abadon was trying to do when he visited Hurley a while back?
  • Speaking of Widmore, he remembers meeting lock when he was 17 and living on the island. I assume that's how he knew to send Abadon to Locke when Locke was in rehab.
  • Sayid worked for Ben for 2 years and is now trying to do some good. We still don't know why he turned on Ben though.
  • Walt is dreaming about the island in the future, right? Locke in a suit, surrounded by people trying to kill him ... I have to assume that's coming up soon. The island is not done with Walt, but is it necessary for him to return to the island or can he do his part from where he is?
  • Ben killed Locke?!?!?! I was all set to see him hang himself and when Ben talked him out of it I couldn't imagine what Locke would do to kill himself next. But at the mention of Eloise Hawking, Ben goes psycho on Locke. Creepy.
  • Was Ben lying about Jack buying a ticket to Sydney? I don't remember Jack saying anything about it, but I could be wrong.
  • And what is the deal with Eloise Hawking? Who is she? What is it about her that sets Ben off? And why is he working with her now? Or is he scheming something that we don't know about yet? And what the heck is Locke going to to do Ben on the island?
  • Do we know how long Locke was back in the real world before he killed himself? It has to be long enough for Jack to go from short beard to full-fledged scrub, but does anyone have a clear idea of the time here?

So yes, lots to discuss this week. But before we get to Mr. Linky and your recaps and comments ...

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  1. I thought that Jack really did purchase that plane ticket to Sydney. Remember when he was sitting on a plane and he read the obituary for Jeremy Bentham? He was flying back and forth to Sydney, right? That's when Jack was in his bearded state.

    It's hard to figure out how much time is passing. Sometimes it seems like something happened years ago, but then we find out it was only days. Great episode! I loved it!

  2. I agree, I think Jack did go to Sydney, but what I want to know is why? Did he go to see Claire's mother? Did it have something to do with Aaron?

  3. ha, I was going to say the same thing about Jack buying tickets trying to crash to get back to the island. The real question is...Ben: Friend or Foe? lol (like Snape)

  4. I remember scruffy-bearded-Jack in the flash-forward episodes last season saying that he'd been flying back and forth to Sydney ... I wonder if it was Locke's visit that started it all.

  5. I just read an excellent point on THE LOST DIARY ...

    What is Ben killed Locke b/c although Locke needed to die, the island won't let anyone commit suicide? Remember, that's what happened with Michael ...

  6. Interesting... I have an idea about Eloise... The young girl on the island (during the dharma time earlier this season) who showed Daniel Faraday where the bomb was located... wasn't her name El or Ellie?... could it be Eloise's nickname? Is that her when she was young?

    ALSO... what was the deal with the shoes... Jack's grandfather had them in his suitcase... did he Really get them from Jack's mom? or... has Jack's grandfather been to the island.... just a thought...

    and yeah... I agree... Walt is not finished with the island... there's something kind of creepy about him...
    also- good point about the suicide issue... never thought about it... but... it seems to make sense...