Friday, May 14, 2010

LOST Live: A Final Celebration Recap

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the event at UCLA, LOST Live: A Final Celebration. This was an incredible treat for me, as it always is to gather with fans who share the same enthusiasm for something I love, but also because I love the music of LOST and it was a treat to see Michael Giacchino conduct live many of the gorgeous pieces from the show with 47 piece symphony orchestra and images of the show above on screen. Music always moves me, but music that also tells a story, like the music in LOST has particular significance.

Even though I ended up buying nothing, I hung out with fellow fans in the merch line for awhile before the show started. It's like coming home, to be able to spend time with LOST fans! People came from all over the country for this event which is pretty cool.

The evening opened with some guy from ABC reading a letter from George Lucas to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. It was pretty funny and probably pretty cool for them. Amusingly enough, Damon said he apologized for everything he'd said about the prequels to Star Wars. :) They proceeded to talk about LOST, thanks fans, explain the event, and then introduce SEVERAL members of the cast past and present which was fun. I can't remember everyone who was there, but there were quite a few ranging from young Ben to Boone to Desmond to Sawyer. I couldn't help but appreciate again the diversity of the cast. After the introduction of the cast, they let Michael come out, after explaining how at times they even wrote him into the script. (i.e. Michael does the heavy lifting here--love it!) Interspersed throughout the pieces of music, some of the actors read "Messages in a Bottle" These were imaginings of what the messages Charlie collected for the bottle would have been from the castaways we never really met on the show. I was very impressed with just how heartfelt and human these short letters were..once again LOST excels in the humanity of its storytelling.

The music was fantastic. They showed images from the show during the playing of the music and it was like taking a trip back through time. It was an excellent way to reflect on all that LOST has been--the beautiful, troubling, and complicated story that it is. The final theme played, Parting Words, the music that was played during the raft launch at the end of the first season, reduced me to tears as they again showed that scene...all the hope, triumph, sorrow, and uncertainty that it represented. One of the most beautiful themes of the show without doubt. The audience of course leaped to our feet afterwards, and Giacchino came back out decked out in a Dharma suit with "Conductor" stitched on the back. He then treated us to the main theme from his Oscar award winning "Up" which I love beyond all measure as well.

We then got to hear from some of the creative minds behind the show. Following that, they showed us the penultimate episode, What They Died For. Let me tell you, I have never had more fun watching an episode of LOST. It's a funny episode, it's a smart episode, and I think you are all really going to like it. I won't say more than that, but there is nothing like watching an episode of LOST with 1800 devoted fans. I really believe as well, that I will feel satisfied with the ending of LOST.

But as I sat there, it all felt so bittersweet. I am sorry to be saying good-bye to LOST. I am going to be so sad all week! Please tell I alone in feeling this way?


  1. Ooooo wow. How cool. I can't wait to see what your talking about. I feel sad too!

  2. Side note: Check out this fun link!

  3. PS Check out the LOST Facebook page. They posted tons of pictures.

  4. I agree with you, Amy. I feel bittersweet as well. After I watched Tuesday's episode it really struck me that this is really ending. And I felt a little sad alongside the excitement and anticipation of finding out how it ends.