Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Episode Recap: What They Died For

Now THIS is the LOST that I love!
  • The Sideverse is starting to make sense ... at least, things are starting to come together over there as more of the Oceanic people start to remember their island lives.
  • On the island, things are wild and wacky: Richard gets taken out by the Locke Monster, Ben is back to his creepy, murderous self, and the 4 survivors of the sub want to kill the Locke Monster.
  • Jacob explains some of the truth about the island and asks for a volunteer to take his place as protector; I think we all knew Jack was going to step up.
There was a lot more going on, but those are the quick highlights.

Here's what I want to know from you:
  1. Did you think this was a good next-to-last episode, or were you hoping for something else? 
  2. Was there anything in this episode that you really didn't expect? If so, what?
  3. Do you have any guesses as to what will happen in the series finale on Sunday?
  4. What are your plans for watching the finale?


  1. My thoughts:

    I thought it was good.
    Finally they all sit down with Jacob.
    I can't believe they didn't have more questions.

    So since Locke Monster can't kill Richard does that mean he's still alive?

    I'm still holding out hope for Frank.

    Is Ben a total baddy now or did he just use Locke Monster to kill his nemesis and the man responsible for killing his daughter?

    What the heck is Desmond up to?

    Run Miles RUN!

  2. I was slightly disappointed in the way they handled the campfire scene with Jacob. Do the writers think we wont find it cheesy hearing the characters ask our much wanted questions? It just seemed kinda fake and forced to me.

    I wasnt expecting Widmore to go out so easily. Way to go Ben, getting your revenge! Im sad he is back on the bad side, but I think he is just positioning himself, like he always has. He is only looking out for what will benefit him.

    Desmond is quite the creep in the sideflashes. Not digging him, though I can see he is on a good mission - re-awakening the losties.

    I wanted much more out of this show, though. I mean, we have two hours left, and there is still loads and loads of explaining to do!!!

  3. I really liked this episode, but I'm not sure it had the feel of a penultimate episode to me. That said, I'm not sure what I would have wanted the next to last episode to feel like, but it just feels that there's still too much we don't know and that the finale can't possibly cover it all. With the pace we've been at lately, I think we really need another season to get everything covered and still feel like the show we've been loving for the past 6 seasons.

  4. The choosing of the new island protector almost seemed anticlimatic to me. I guess we all thought it would be Jack, but there was not even a second of hesitation.

    I can't wait until Sunday though. I'm really loving the sideways world and want to see what will happen when they all come together at the concert. And where is Hurley taking Sayid?

  5. I was a little dissappointed in it--I'm not really sure why everybody has to die.

    I knew Jack would volunteer, so I wasn't surprised. I was hoping Jacob would tell them more about the Island.

    I think in the end everybody but two will die. One will represent the light and the other the dark.

    The light being will guard "The light of the world" until he wearies of his job and entices a candidate to come to the Island to replace him

    The dark being will spend his time trying to get off the Island so he can destroy the world

    At the end of the show I think the two people (Jack and ?) will be sitting on the beach looking out to sea?

    Nothing will be resolved, It will be set up to continue on forever . . . .

    I am however very confused over the smoke monster. Why does Jack think Locke can't kill, when he has already killed hundreds as the smoke monster?

    And I totally am lost with the whole Desmond thing, I don't know how they can possibly resolve that.

    And I'm still so upset about Sun and Jin. Couldn't they allow SOMEBODY to go home and be happy?

    I'll be watching by myself on Sunday so I won't be disturbed by noise and confusion--I'll check in with your blog, I hope you'll be blogging live :)

  6. Juju – “Run Miles RUN!” = hilarious :)

    TNBBC – I enjoyed this episode, but like you I was hoping for more from the next-to-the-last episode ever.

    Longbrakeliving – Yeah, it seems like there are enough unanswered questions for another complete season!

    Avid Reader – I loved Hurley in those last few minutes, didn’t you?! But I do wonder where he’s taking Sayid too …

    Kaye – I’ve heard that theory, the light/dark thing with just two people left at the end … not sure if that is what I want to happen or not though. As for Sunday, I’m not sure yet what I’ll be doing during the show but if possible I WILL be blogging!

  7. I actually loved this episode! I thought it was vintage LOST and a great set-up. There ARE still 2 1/2 hours left. :)

  8. I'm with Amy. I loved it! It felt like things were really starting to come together, gearing up for the big showdown. I will agree that it did feel anticlimactic when Jacob passed the torch to Jack, but I didn't mind that. I like that the choosing won't be the last thing we see. I am glad it is done. I can't wait for Sunday! It will just be the husband and me, but we are planning on having a little LOST soiree for two. :)