Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode Recap: Across the Sea

I'm watching live tonight so I'll be blogging on commercial  breaks ... here goes!

OH.MY.GOSH. The first few minutes of LOST have knocked me for a loop!  Here's what happened before the first commercial break:
  • a pregnant woman washes up on the beach and is discovered by another woman - is that Greek they are speaking? I think we're going to get Jacob's backstory tonight!
  • Jacob is born and wrapped in a white blanket.  His unnamed male twin is born and wrapped in a black blanket.  The dichotomy begins early ....
  • Momma wants to see her boys but the other lady KILLS HER?! Say WHAT?! I didn't see that one coming.
 Ok, here's what happened between the next two commercials:
  • The boys are growing up.  Jacob is honest and open while his brother is secretive and can lie.  Meanwhile Mama manipulates them and has somehow made it so that the boys cannot die nor can they hurt each other.
  • They boys are playing the black/white game.
  • Men come to the island and Mama takes the boys and shows them "the light of the world" - or something like it.  Mama says that is the reason they are on the island.  She is the protector and one day, one of the boys will take over that job.  The unnamed twin is excited by this.
  • Mama also says that if this light goes out here, it's counterparts (which are inside of people everywhere) will also go out.  It sounds as though this would be a serious problem.
 After the next commercial break,
  • The black twin tells Jacob that one day he'll be able to make up his own rules that everyone will have to follow.
  • The black twin also sees the ghost of his mother, but Jacob can't see her.  Ghost-Momma tells him the truth about where he came from.
  • Black twin tries to get Jacob to run away with him but it doesn't work.  They get in a fight and Mama breaks it up.  She tells the black twin that no matter what he's been told, he'll never be able to leave the island.  This doesn't stop him from running away.
  • Mama confesses to Jacob that she killed his mother to help him "stay good" ... ?!?!?! Jacob decides to stay with Mama for a while.
Back from commercial again,
  • Jacob learned to weave from his Mama.  And he spends a lot of time watching his brother and the other people.
  • Jacob and the black twin get together to play the black/white game.  The black twin is still mad at Mama.
  • Is it just me or does Jacob come across as rather simple-minded?
  • The black twin has been digging and found a way to get to the "light of the world" under the island.  He's going to try to leave the island by harnessing the power of the light.  Enter "the donkey wheel".
  • Mama tried to kill the black twin.  Hey Mama, can I tell you a secret? Your plan doesn't work out ...
It just occurred to me that we likely won't get any info on the rest of the main characters this week.  I'm kind of sad about that.  But back to Jacob!
  • Mama says Jacob has to be the one to protect the island but he doesn't want to.  She makes him drink something and says that now "we are the same" - what is this magical drink and what has it done?
  • The black twin wakes up to find that his hole has been filled in, his village burned, and all his people killed.  It looks like the work of the smoke monster ... is that who Mama really is?
Final commercial break is over, back to the show:
  • The black twin just killed Mama, and she thanked him for it?! She also said that she couldn't let him leave because she loved him.
  • The black twin is trying to convince Jacob not to hurt/kill him.  Jacob forces the black twin to go into the "light of the world" tunnel.  And here comes SMOKEY!
  • Jacob found the black twin washed up in the river, dead. Jacob was quite sad about this, despite the fact that he basically tried to kill him earlier.
  • Mama and the black twin are the Adam and Eve skeletons from the start of the show!!!
Ok, so, wait, I'm confused.  Is Smokey the ghost of the black twin now?  Because I didn't really expect him to be REALLY TRULY dead, as in, he's a skeleton.  But maybe that explains why Smokey is always using dead bodies, because he doesn't have one of his own?  But then what's the deal with Ghost-Momma?

There were a lot of biblical references tonight but I didn't include them because I can't remember them now.  I noticed them as the show went on, but when I was writing on the commercial breaks they slipped my mind.

Kiddo was happy that I let him stay up until 10pm on a school night to watch this with me, but the episode was so good (and relatively tame in adult content department) that I couldn't bear to send him to bed in the middle of it like I usually do.

So, what did you all think of this week's episode?  Do you think they'll be able to cram enough into next week and the series finale to give us the ending that we're hoping for?


  1. I was glad the episode explained who the two corpses were in the cave as well as how Jacob and his brother the Man in Black (aka Esau, aka Smoke Monster Locke) came to the island. But the progress in the overall storyline disappointed me. The past few episodes have been a bit slow, so I'm hoping that the finale will make up for it and melt my brain.

    As for the Bible references, I'm seeing more and more as we progress. But having never read the Bible, I'm sure I've missed many more.

  2. It was such a crazy episode. I was glad to learn some of the back story with Jacob and his twin brother and it definitely surprised me. You were not alone in thinking Jacob seemed like a dimwit. I was left wondering if Jacob is really the good guy in the end, because his "mom" certainly didn't seem so good. I'm curious to see how they'll resolve that.

  3. Oh.My.Gosh. that's exactly what I said out loud when the first commercial came. I wanted to talk to someone during the show--I wish I'd checked and chatted with you. I was blown away.

    I caught the biblical references the first time Jacob and "Esau" (the other biblical twin) were sitting on the beach watching the ship come in. They've made lot's of references to the story of Jacob and Esau throughout the course of the show. (Jacob was fair, and smooth of face, Esau was dark, hairy and course of feature. Jacob honored his mother and desired the birthright, Esau had the birthright but didn't care to keep it.)

    What do you think about the episode where Jacob offered Esau the "wine bottle"--the wine that once you drink it changes you, and how will the next guardian be changed since Esau smashed the bottle and the wine ran out on the sand?

    I think Jack is the next guardian and since there can only be one all of the rest of the companions will die--except hurley, he sees dead people, does that mean he will be the next black guy?

    did you notice that Esau did not speak to his mother before he stabbed her with the knife that the temple guardian gave to Sayid when he instructed him to kill John Locke?

    I didn't think of it until I read your comments but I think it is possible that the twin's adopted mother must have entered the chamber of light and become the smoke monster. How else could she have filled in the hole and killed all the people and burned the village. I don't think she intended to kill Esau, just knock him out until she filled in the hole and did the rest. He was laying safely away from the destruction when he woke up.

    So many lose ends to tie up . . . I'm sitting on the edge of my chair, wondering, waiting, expecting what . . . I have no idea.

    What will you do with your blog when the show ends?

  4. I am glad we have some answers, but with each episode this season the more they answer, the more they seem to create!

    Jacob and MIB are brothers, MIB and his crazy wanna be momma are Adam and Eve, and Smokey resides in the light within the tunnel.

    So the questions are now - how did crazy wanna be momma get to the island? How did she become the protector of the light? She said thank you to MIB for killing her - meaning he released her. She must have been unable to die (like richard) on her own. Not sure though if that makes her Smokey.

    I kind of knew that Smokey was not MIB... that he was using his body, as MIB mentioned this in one of the more recent past epsiodes to Richard. He made a comment about having his original body taken from him....

    I too think that Jack will be Jacobs replacement. But I disagree about Hurley. Locke is the replacement for MIB/Smokey. It is Smokey that cannot leave, and must not be allowed to leave. Not Jacobs brother. And Lockes body is his current disguise... so it just makes sense that he will remain so.

    I do agree that everyone else will die. Jack and Locke will be sitting on the beach at the end of the series... as Jacob and Smokey/MIB were when the Black Rock rolled in....

  5. TK42ONE – Some people were complaining that the Adam & Eve thing was too obvious but I wouldn’t have caught it (I guess I’m slow like that!). I agree with you that this episode filled in a lot of blanks, but is also created more questions, and it didn’t feel like it really progressed the storyline any. They’ve got a LOT to do in the very few hours they have left for the show in order for me to be satisfied with the ending …

    Avid Reader – Yeah, the whole deal with the crazy Mama has left me with lots of questions about Jacob and his motivations and goals.

    kaye – We should have been chatting on Twitter or by email! That would have been fun! Your comment about the wine bottle is interesting – I wonder what significance the breaking of the bottle has? I’m very confused about the whole “dead-people-walking” thing. I’d been attributing that to Smokey, but then was Smokey the twins Ghost-Momma? Or was Smokey the creepy Mama? VERY CONFUSED HERE! Good point about the black twin not speaking before killing his mom – I hadn’t noticed that. (***Stay tuned for details about what will happen to this blog when the show ends!***)

    TNBBC Super Mod – You’re right, even though we got answers they simply led to more questions. Ugh!

  6. Biblical references = Totally! I saw it too.
    Jack = Totally!
    Hurley = I sure hope not.
    Step-mama = How did she get there? Why did she like MIB more than Jacob?
    MIB = I wonder if they will ever say his name?