Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Review: After All These Years, by Susan Isaacs

Review snippet:
After 25 years of marriage, Rosie's husband files for divorce claiming to be in love with a much younger woman. But just before the divorce is final Rosie's cheating ex is found dead in their mcmansion. Now to avoid false imprisonment she is about to go on the lam. Rosie has only days to piece together his final weeks and learn who killed him and framed her."

The LOST connections:
  • In the season 2 episode 4 ("Everybody Hates Hugo") this book is seen on Sawyer's bedside as he recovers from injuries inside the Swan station.
  • The same season that we learn the truth about Kate and "What Kate Did" (season 2 episode 9).
  • Kate (like Rosie) lives on the run and later reunites with a childhood flame.
  • Both characters also carry strong desires to trust someone.
  • The story also seems to say: don't be so quick to judge a person as guilty.

Review by Juju at Tales of
To read my review in full please visit After All These Years review.

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