Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOST 6.3: What Kate Does

Oh so much LOST goodness!

Quick run down of points and then let's hear your recaps!

*Sayid has the infection! The others tried to kill him with poison, but first Jack tried to kill himself!
*Kate was almost still with Claire when Aaron was born, but she still played an important role in getting Claire to the hospital where Ethan was Claire's doctor!!!!!
*Sawyer was going to propose to Juliet and wishes to remain alone even though Kate tracked him down
*Claire is on the island! And she's like...Rousseau, but apparently, according the Others, she is evil.

Okay please share all your thoughts on your blog or in comments!


  1. I really, really hope Claire isn't evil! I like her too much. On the other hand, I've never felt super attached to Sayid, so that story line doesn't make me feel too much either way (I don't want Sayid to actually be evil, but if he were, well, it wouldn't bother me too much).

    I slapped my Hubby a lot when I saw Ethan in the hospital. WHAT IS HE DOING THERE?! Was he never recruited by the Others because the island was blown up or is he still working for them off-island? Are the Losties the driving force behind what the island does, or is the island the driving force behind what the Losties do?

  2. I love it! It answered some questions I had:
    1. So Claire did die.
    2. That's why she was still Claire at first.

    But I don't get the Rousseau connection.

  3. Question: Since nemesis can use your persona once you are dead - do you think he will use Juliet?

  4. I posted a recap. Best quote from Sawyer when he said, "Of course he's alive he's a torturer who shoots kids" Poor Sawyer.

  5. Thanks to Amy for recapping this week! I'm hoping to read everyone's posts, but being snowed in with an only child is keeping me away from the computer most of the day ... :)

  6. I hope Claire isn't evil
    I hope Sayid isn't evil
    I feel soooooo sorry for Sawyer, when those tears rolled down his cheeks it about did me in.
    If Hurley is now the leader of the other's, why is Jack still acting like he's the leader.
    What do the other's want from Jack?
    I still want to know why Richard came to John Locke's house when he was a young boy while he was drawing pictures of the smoke monster.

    I'm confused as ever even with the recap episode before the new episode.

    I have no idea where this show is headed even with the two timelines

  7. I'm so glad I discovered this site, somewhere where I can talk about Lost without spoiling it for my friends (who are still on series 4). Wow, this episode was so so cool. I am a little confused because I only started watching Lost after a catch-up documentary. So I know what happens up till series 6 but I haven't seen it all yet. Anyway... I really hope Claire isn't evil because she was one of the best characters. I don't know much but I hope there is some magical way for Charlie to come back.