Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Episode Recap: "Final Chapter" and "LA X"

IT'S BAAAAAACK! I'm so excited to get back to recapping and discussing LOST with all of you. Woohoo!

As a reminder, here's how we do things over here. Each week Amy or I will recap the episode. Our recaps are usually more like random thoughts on the episode and any questions we came up with. Then we invite you to link to your own recap/thoughts post using Mr. Linky. It's always fun to see what different things each of you noticed in the episode so please do link up, or just chat with us in the comments.

And now for the recaps ...

"Final Chapter"
  • Did anyone else find it creepy that Benjamin Linus narrated the recap episode? Of course, I'd rather Ben to Jack, but I'd take Hurley as narrator over anyone. :)
  • Although there wasn't anything new in this recap it was still really helpful to me to see things summarized that way.
  • I'm still confused about Jacob, the Man in Black, and the fake John Locke ... please tell me that we're going to get answers to this soon!
"LA X"
  • Wait, what? DESMOND is on the plane and it is flying over the UNDERWATER island?!
  • Wait, what? Where the HECK is Kate? They're back on the island AND they are back on the plane? Already I'm a bit confused ...
  • Hurley is the luckiest guy alive? Say what?!
  • Was the timeline actually reset or what? I'm still confused about all this. What year is it actually on the island right now?
  • If what is going on on the plane is "true" then how did everyone get to the island?
  • Juliette is dead? Ooh, Sawyer is totally going to kill Jack now.
  • Kate - you really should NOT be volunteering to help Sawyer bury Juliette. I'm just sayin'.
  • "It worked." What, exactly, worked? I'd really like to know ...
  • Wait now there are OTHER Others? Oi.
  • I bet all the Egyptian theorists got so excited when they saw that there was an ankh in that guitar case ... and I bet they were in shock when that Genghis Khan/ninja guy broke it in half.
  • Well, at least we know the kids from Oceanic 815 are safe. I've really been worried about those kids!
  • The Man in Black/the fake John Locke wants to go home ... but WHERE and WHEN is home for him?
  • "They lost my father." Not funny, but REALLY funny.
  • AHA! Everyone on the island is back in the present! YES!
  • Richard was in chains? Was that a metaphor or a memory?

A few more things ...
  • Was anyone else playing along with LOST bingo? The very first thing I checked off was the box for "Your Mind Is Completely Blown". I had so much fun with the bingo cards - my husband thought I was absolutely insane, but I had a blast with it. It was definitely good for a few laughs.
  • Did anyone notice any new books in tonight's episode? If so, please post them in the comments.
That's all I've got ... I can't wait to hear what you all thought!


  1. I saw a book in the episode but it wasn't a clear shot to get the title. I'll try again when I do my re-watch this week/next week. As to Richard in chains, I think he was on the slaver ship (the Black Rock) but I always thought it was coming from Africa (with black slaves). Could have been privateers though (with white slaves).

  2. TK42ONE - OOH! Good thought re: The Black Rock - that would explain a LOT. I'll be rewatching it myself so I'll look for that book reference as well.

  3. gah I don't why the linky didn't show up! But in any case, the book is Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie...thanks to fans quick work!

    My recap:

  4. Hmm, the Mr. Linky seems to have disappeared ... please just post your links in the comments.

    Also, Amy pointed out that the book Desmond was reading on the plane was HAROUN AND THE SEA OF STORIES by Salman Rushdie.

  5. I think some strange things are going on with the alternate, no-crash timeline and I'm not too sure about. Like Hurely won the lottery and says he's the luckiest guy on earth, but then he must have used different numbers, because if the island blew up in 1977, there would be no way for Hurley to know those numbers, right?

    Also I think Richard is somehow tied to Jacob and Smokey -- whatever they are, or however they don't age, that's what Richard is too.

    Mister Linky seems to be back up, but in case he goes away again, my post is here.

  6. THe book that Hurley picked up in the Temple underground was Soren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling. Is someone here ambitious enough to take on that one?

  7. longbrakeliving - Personally I'm hoping that they DON'T do this parallel universe thing all season ... it's way too depressing to see how all their lives were so much worse back in the real world. And I agree with you about Richard/Jacob/Smokey.

    Sherry - Um, yeah, I'm thinking NO. ;)

  8. so glad to be posting along with all of you again. Man I have missed this show

  9. kisatrtle - Glad to have you back!