Monday, June 15, 2009

Flash Forward?

There's a post at SciFiWire today titled "Why Flash Forward Won't Drive You Crazy Like Lost".

According to the post, "the show will tell a complete story in its first season, and that the season finale will answer the question raised in the pilot: What did you see?"

Read the rest of the post here then come back and let me know what you think ... will you be watching?


  1. Flash Forward sounds interesting, but I think the interviewer took a gratuitous swipe at LOST. I haven't been frustrated at all, except in the I'm-insanely-curious sense.

  2. Meehumm - I completely agree, although there ARE many people who got completely fed up with Lost. (Crazy people, IMO!) :)

  3. YES I will be watching and also, I will be reading the book prior to the season. :)