Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tonight's LOST Season Finale

Can you believe that this season of LOST is coming to an end tonight?! It seems like it just started but in reality we've had 15 episodes to move this convoluted story forward.

As for me, I know I'll be in LOST withdrawal for the next few months. In order to get my LOST fix I'll be re-watching old episodes and reading some of the books referenced in the show.

For those of you who come to this blog only for the weekly recap posts, I encourage you to consider joining our reading challenge (details here). It it a great way to gain insight into the craziness that is LOST and also to keep up conversations between us fans in the off season.

Do any of you have plans for a LOST season finale party? I want to hear all the details, so please share! If you do have something planned, I'm jealous - none of my real-life friends are into it so I'll be watching all by my lonesome.


  1. I too will be watching alone. Although I'm sure my wife will "sufer" through it as well. She's only started watching this season, but since I control the remote on Wednesday nights, she's a captive audience.

  2. TK42ONE - It is for that reason that I love my DVR - I start watching the show when my husband goes out to play pool, otherwise he'd be sighing and rolling his eyes the whole time. ~LOL~

  3. I'll be watching alone, too. My husband used to watch with me but thinks it jumped the shark this season.

  4. I Am so ready to watch Lost tonight!!.. I have been checking out some theories and here are the best ones.. just thought I would share them..