Thursday, April 2, 2009

Episode Recap: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

So sorry for my absence last week ... but I'm here now!

Lots going on this week for sure. Here's what we've got:
  • Kate and Juliette's motherly instincts kick in and they both try to save Ben's life. Stereotypical women or legitimate plot point? You decide.
  • What is Roger going to do to Ben now that he knows about the stolen keys?

  • Kate and Cassidy stayed close friends during the "past" three years.

  • Clare's mom DOES have Aaron. I know some of you suspected it but I was doubtful - I thought Kate left him with Cassidy.

  • Ben's going to forget about the shooting (hence the reason he doesn't recognize Sayid later ... which means Ben won't see Sayid again, right?) but is he going to forget about freeing Sayid? How much memory will be gone?

  • Charles Widmore and Ellie are still with The Others. Is Ellie actually Mrs. Faraday? Is the situation with Ben what drives Charles from the island? (And speaking of Faraday, where the heck IS he?!)

  • Richard took Ben to the temple! Hopefully we'll find out next time what he did there.

Some great lines:
  • Sawyer about Juliette: "I'm doing this for her." Yea!

  • Richard about Ben: "His innocence will be gone." What exactly does that mean?

  • Locke to Ben: "Welcome back to the land of the living." Oooooh.

My favorite part? The conversation between Hurley and Miles about time travel. HA! That was GREAT! Is it just me, or is that the same conversation we've all been having with other LOST fans all season?!

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff so please, comment away. And be sure to post the link to YOUR recap/analysis in Mr. Linky below.*

*Dare I admit that I haven't had time to read all your posts from last week? But I WILL - I promise, I will.


  1. Yes, the Hurley-Miles time travel discussion was awesome. I thought the last part where Richard explained he wouldn't remember it was a bit lame, but it did explain everything.

  2. I also think - this doesn't explain why Claire was told that SHE had to raise Aaron, and that Aaron is special. Now... he seems a little inconsequential.

  3. TK - I LOVED that conversation - it was a laugh-out-loud moment for me. :)

    Kacie - Good point, although I'm sure we'll find out more about this plot line next season. They can't just leave it hanging ... can they?!

  4. That conversation was so meta and hilarious... Seriously, they lifted it off of blogs/message boards. Have you seen the question/answer videos by the producers on the ABC website? They're totally deliberate with all this... lol