Thursday, March 12, 2009

Missing Lost ...

If this was a normal Thursday, I'd be happily reading all the show recaps and analysis. Alas, this was a LOST-free week ... how depressing.

Since there is usually so much activity here on Thursdays I felt like I should pop in and at least say hello. And then I figured I'd post some miscellaneous LOST videos - so enjoy!

Talking with Terry Quinn, aka John Locke:

The action-figure-LOST-recap of "The Little Prince":

Have any of you been watching those odd little action-figure recaps? I saw the first one ... odd, that's all I can say. Odd.

Recap of the polar bear incident:

Once you get past the Season 5 preview, there is a recap of the polar bear scene. We have a good idea how the polar bear got into the desert now, but do we have any idea WHY? Was is a Dharma test, an Others test, an accident, or something else entirely?

Interesting analysis:

This was actually quite good - I may have to look up the rest of his recaps.

That's all I have for now. It isn't enough to take the place on a missing episode of LOST but it will have to do.


  1. Oops! You posted the same video twice. I just found this blog when looking for more info on the books featured on Lost. I have been enjoying the book reviews.

    I too just found the Seanie B. recaps. I have watched all for this season so far. I think they are pretty well done. Darned if I can pause to see those secret pictures though. Too old and slow I guess! :)

    Have you seen the Fray video with the Lost clips? Whenever I need a Lost fix I go watch that! The Desmond part gets me every time! (

  2. Yeah, there was something wrong with blogger when I posted this ... every time I'd add the code for a new video, it would overwrite one of the videos I'd already posted. I thought I had it fixed, but I guess not. Oh well, I am NOT going to try it again - four times is enough. :)