Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John Locke: Christ figure?

Rebecca commented on my recap last week that we should be discussing the Christ imagery around Locke. It is something that's really puzzling me, so why not?

First of all, it's puzzling me because why Locke? I mean, a lot of people can't stand him! However, he has always seemed like he absolutely believes he has a destiny, so I guess in that regard it sort of does.

So let's look at the evidence:

1) Locke has always been sort of "the chosen one"

2) John Locke's dead body flew back to the island on airline 316. (this one just screams it to me)

3) Locke sacrificed his life to save others. (i.e. we are led to believe at this point, that only his death would get the attention of the Oceanic 6 and get them back to the island to save the others)

4) Only Locke can see and commune with Jacob whom we are led to believe is a sort of god of the island or something.

5) Not to mention a nice little conversation about Jesus and doubting Thomas between Ben and the biggest skeptic Jack shortly before they go.

Feel free to add more in comments.

It seems from previews that Locke is going to, um, raise from the dead? I have to admit I just don't understand how in the world this fits into the LOST story. I need help with this....


  1. A lot of people didn't like Jesus either. He was always telling them to do, and believe, things that were counterintuitive and countercultural. Sounds a lot like Locke actually. I have to say I didn't see this type of imagery coming, by any means. It will be interesting to see where they go with it.

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  3. Jack putting shoes on the body is 1. an act of faith and 2. a bit reminiscent of Jesus washing the disciples feet at the last supper... perhaps?

    When Ben visits Eloise, she says that they have 72 hours (aka 3 days)... and then John resurrects.

  4. ooh, good points everyone! this just gets better and better ...

  5. I remember in one episode early on and Jack (or someone, can't remember) is talking to Locke's mother, and she tells him that John Locke didnt have a father, he was an "immaculate conception". There is no doubt that Locke is being portrayed as a literary Christ figure.

  6. This may have been said already, but I found it interesting with Locke's conversation to Jack about destiny/fate, where Jack denies Locke's ideas on being brought to the Island through destiny. Locke leaves the island soon after, and after his death, Jack realizes that they must return to the Island. Through the death of this man, Jack is changed. I look at this from a Christian perspective, referring to changed people. Before, it seems as though Jack acts on impulse, and multiple times fails himself and others. After the death of Locke, Jack sees clearly that he needs faith, and we all do have a destiny. He puts his faith into many things, such as when sitting with Richard Alpert in the Black Rock, where he lights a stick of dynamite, and then by faith, waits for it to go out before it explodes and kills them both. It goes out, and he now has proven to Richard that he too needs to have this new found faith. Now, with this all being said, I also had felt that Jacob was a Christ-like figure, with his death, and him constantly watching all of the castaways, even from the childhood (where at one point or another, he has come into their life and touched them or healed them, which made me think of Christ healing the lepers and sick, and many others by touch). Not to disagree with the idea that Jacob is the true christ-like figure here, but I feel that through Locke, the most change is brought, whereas Jacob more or less watches over the members of 815, either like god himself, or a guardian angel. Jack tells Richard that Jacob had been watching him since he was a child, because he saw his childhood home in the mirrors reflection. With this, I feel that Jacob is sort of letting things play out, rather than being the one to bring change. When I think Locke now I see spreading faith and hope, and through his death, everyone can be saved. Just my way of seein it though. If anyone disagrees, feel free to criticize my statement