Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode Recap: Ab Aeterno

Let's jump into this week's Richard-centric episode - I'm so excited to see where this goes!
  • When Richard said "we're all dead" my first thought was, "You've GOT to be kidding me! THAT is where this show is going?!" but then I realized he was just venting and I was relieved. (At least, I HOPE he was just venting ...)
  • 1867 in the Carany Islands ... ooh, this is going to be good!
  • Richard accidentally killed the nasty doctor - this isn't going to turn out well for him ... At least he got to keep his wife's cross.
  • I'm not liking this priest - he's supposed to represent Christ and symbolically forgive all sins, not condemn people to hell!
  • Ok, Richard was was just purchased - does this mean he is being sold as a slave to be transported somewhere or that he is enslaved to the captain of the ship?
  • Hmm, looks like he was being transported ...
  • Smokey is visiting the Black Rock - and he leaves Richard alive. Why? Does this have something to do with being "good hearted" as I've suspected in the past? Not sure that theory really makes sense, but it's all I've got.
  • So is Richard hallucinating Isabella or is this seriously what is going on? Because this whole "we're in hell" theory is NOT one that I'm a fan of ...
  • FINALLY Jacob arrives. Or not - it's the Man in Black. And he confirms that they're in hell?!
  • Is The Man in Black the Smoke Monster at this point? Because I'm a bit confused by all of this ...
  • The Man in Black's speech to Richard is IDENTICAL to Dogan's speech to Sayid. Significance?
  • Again, the manipulation of a person by offering to return a loved one from the dead ...
  • FINALLY we are getting away from the "we're in hell" theory. Of course, we're doing it by having Jacob try to drown Richard, but still, I'll take what I can get.
  • Jacob says he brought the Black Rock to the island. He brings people to the island to prove that they can be good, that people aren't necessarily evil.
  • According to Jacob the island is like a cork, keeping evil contained. The Man in Black doesn't seem to BE the evil, just a representative of it. Is that what you got out of this part?
  • And there is the white rock - it seems to be a symbol of the "game" Jacob and the Man in Black are playing with each other.
  • Back in the present, Richard retrieves his wife's necklace and declares that he is changing sides.
  • Aah Hurley - speaker-to-the-dead. I'm so glad to have you back.
  • If Richard doesn't stop the Locke Monster from leaving the island, Hurley says "we'll all go to hell" - we're back to the hell theme again I see.
It looks like next week will be a Sun-centric episode. Other than that, the previews for next week's show didn't really have much to say.

What did you all think about this week's episode? I enjoyed it for the most part, but I didn't love it. Richard's backstory isn't exactly what I expected - what about you? Share your recap links in the comment section, and let me know what you thought of the show!


  1. I came to a few of the same conclusions that you have. I do not believe they are in hell. Just that surviving and being on the island is like a form of hell... becuase now everyone is at the MIB and Jacob's beck and call.

    I was also confused with MIB. He seemed pure at times, though definitely desperate. He made some comments that confused me, which I assume are supposed to the point.

    He mentioned to Richard that "he" took his body. I assume he refers to Jacob. Does that mean that MIB as we saw him in that ep was just wearing someone's body in the same way he wears Lockes now? That this is not what he orignally looks like?

    That makes me think: Are MIB and Jacob the orignals? Or are they the "chosen" that have taken the place of the originals? Is this some sick trickster game that has been going on since the beginning of time????

    I too caught that MIB gave Richard the EXACT same instructions as Dogan gave Sayid. With the same sword as well. I do not think this is a coincidence. I think this has ALOT of signifigance!!

  2. This epy rocked!
    I kept thinking: FINALLY!
    When they first said hell my husband said, "Wait if this is hell than who the heck was the Dharma Initiative?"

  3. I wondered about the Man in Black saying Jacob took his body too. I wonder if that's what made him the Smoke Monster? When he had a body his evilness was somehow contained, but when his body was taken away, it created the black smoke.

    A lot of Richard's pre-island life reminded me of a movie I would never watch or a tellanovella! But, I would watch anything for LOST! My recap is here.

  4. I'm confused as ever--many episodes ago I told my fellow viewers I thought they were all dead and in hell! --doomed to wander the island for eternity looking for a way off.

    I've been calling the man in black "Esau" ever since the episode where Jacob and he were sitting on the beach watching the black rock coming to the island. I thought Jacob called the man in black, Esau. I thought it might have relation to the bible story of the two brothers, where Esau sold his birthright to Jacob the younger son--maybe I invented my own story line?

  5. Loved the episode. My thought are here:


  6. Nice recap. At first I thought Man in Black WAS the evil but then non-locke said he could leave island if someone took his place so I guess not.

    I liked Richard's backstory, I thought it was great. I guessed that Hurley was talking to Isabella a while before they said he was.

    As for next week, my husband said he thought he saw Sun laying on the ground as if she was dead. Hmm.

  7. I loved this episode. It had me enthralled. As for ideas...I'm at a loss. For a while I was confused as to who was good and who was evil. The scenes between Richard and Isabella were wonderful. And I love Hurley more and more. I think he will become the new Jacob.

    My recap is here

  8. Seems like there are mixed reviews on this episode - some really liked Richard's backstory, some thought it was like a Lifetime movie. ~LOL~ Same goes for that last scene with Hurley and Isabella - some liked it, some hated it. I'm really enjoying reading all your recaps!

  9. Loved the episode but I agree with some others in saying: What's up with Dharma?
    My thoughts are here