Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Package Recap

I am very eager to hear your thoughts on tonight's episode! I for one really enjoyed it! You can read my full recap at my blog, but here's a few highlights:

--Sayid seems to have lost his soul as evidenced by the fact that he can't feel anything (or feels dead inside)
--Sun doesn't trust Locke and I suspect that Jin is the Kwon candidate referenced. I have to say I loved Sun's honest reactions to everything...she doesn't want to look at the bigger picture, she just wants to get her little family back together.
--Mikhail! Keamy! Bad guys!
--I felt a little teary when Jin looked at pictures of Ji-Yeon for the first time. He hasn't seen Sun or even met his daughter!
--War has arrived on the island!

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  1. I did not like this ep at all. All it did was make me ask MORE questions. I got no answers at all and I am very frustrated!!

    I like how Jin and Sun were separated in the flash, but reunited, although it didnt go so well for Sun. I think this might be a little foreshadowing on the part of the writers for when Sun and Jin finally reunite on island. I believe they WILL reunite, just under very bad circumstances.

    Loved seeing Mickail and the sweet irony of being shot in the eye. hehehe

    Not happy that Dessy is back. What the heck does that mean for Penny and Charlie? What could his purpose be?

    Did anyone else catch NotLockes answer to Claire? She asked if Kates name was on the wall, and NotLocke replied "not anymore". Wha? Huh? Does that mean she was found not worthy?

    How bout this - anyone notice that the characters flash lives mirror thier island lives? Sawyer, Jack, Sun... they have changed on island, become better people, see the world differently, and it reflects in their flash lives. Kate, Sayid - currently Sayid is bad, he is not exactly livin the good life in his flash either. Kate hasnt changed one dang bit, and it shows in her flash live as well.

    What do you think?

  2. OMG
    It was sooooo good.
    I was SOOOOOO sad to see Desmond though. I really was hoping he would be left alone with his happy little family. Poor guy!

  3. A HUGE thanks to Amy for recapping this week's episode despite me asking her at the very last minute. :)

    A few random thoughts ...
    - How much does it suck that Jin was going to pay Keamy to kill him?! That is just so WRONG.
    - I'm glad to see Desmond back on the show but I'm heartbroken at what his appearance means for Penny & Charlie. What the heck happened for him to end up on the ship? Was it truly Widmore's doing, or is Widmore just benefiting from Desmond's misfortune?
    - I loved that Jim got to see his little girl.
    - Sun in the flashbacks had that old wide-eyed stare she does so well. She doesn't have it on the island, at least not anymore, and it was hard to go back to seeing her like that. But at least we know that she wasn't trying to run away from Jin in this alternate reality - their relationship seems to be much better (despite the problems w/ Keamy & Co.).
    - I'm not liking the Claire storyline at all. Nothing about it is appealing or makes much sense to me.
    - I'm also really sick of Kate. I've never had strong feelings about her one way or the other, but now she's just irritating. Sawyer needs to ditch her (but of course he won't, since he's back to calling her Freckles. *blech*)

    That's all I've got for now. :)