Friday, February 5, 2010

Party Hardy::LOST style

Hello fellow LOST fanatics. I want to share with you all the details of the LOST premier party I attended on Tuesday night. It was the most awesome party ever...and it was in Colorado!
Our best LOST-watching buddies moved there from our small town near St. Louis, 18 months ago. They have continued to host the same amazing LOST viewing parties that they did when they lived here but we haven't been able to attend...for obvious reasons.

But this is it. The final season. The beginning of the end. We had to go. So we acted like crazy college kids and took off on a road trip. We drove 13 hours straight through the night, stayed for two days, attended the party and then drove 13 hours straight through back home. I have to say that it was COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

I am now totally inspired to host my own super-duper-end-of-the-greatest-dramatic-series-ever-on-television party this May. Maybe you should too. Through careful observation I've determined that there are 3 keys to having a great LOST party:

#1: The Atmosphere.

Last year the party theme was "Dharma". They all ate Dharma food and wore Dharma jumpsuits and labeled everything as if it were one of the Dharma stations on the island. This year the theme was Oceanic Flight 815. So an airport and plane crash theme ruled the day.

Piles of luggage (debris) adorned the front yard and inside the house. We were greeted at the front door by an Oceanic stewardess and then ushered in to the "airport" where we had to present our boarding passes (invitations) and get our pictures taken in front of the Arrivals/Departures board (which unfortunately does not show up in this picture.) (I am Claire. Apparently my stomach looked very authentic because two people asked me if I really was pregnant. Ha!)

#2: The Food.

You can make almost any food fit with the LOST theme if you give it a Lostie name. Serve pulled pork and call it Locke's Wild Boar, etc. That's what I did with the cookies I brought for the party. I made plain sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and chocolate cutout cookies, printed out some signs to tie them to the show and served them out of a suitcase. The fish biscuits seemed to be a big hit.One ambitious baker colored her whipped cream pie topping blue and her husband made a toothpick raft to "float" on top of the "water". Another party-goer made a lovely chocolate cake with a plane crash right on top.

#3: The Guests

Of course the best part of any party is the people. For this year's theme we were all asked to dress as someone who was on the original flight 815. People really got in to their costumes. And it was fun to watch the pilot again to get ideas for our costumes. Can you identify these characters? From left to right they are: Claire, John Locke (remember he was still in a wheelchair on the plane), Jack (post crash), Kate and Libby.

I thought Charlie looked the most authentic of anyone that was there.

This was the whole crew. Can you spot Hurley and Sawyer? The costume that stole the show was Christian Shepherd. The doorbell rang and we saw our stewardess open the door to reveal Christian's dead body laying on the front porch, white shoes and all. I almost fell over laughing. Look, he remembered his boarding pass, though. Ha Ha Ha!

Watching the 3 hours worth of episodes that night with a huge group of Losties was SOOOO fun. Everyone groaned when new Others were discovered in the Temple and everybody laughed when Hurley told Jacob he was sorry he got killed. We all understood the irony of Sawyer waking up in the custody of yet more Others and Charlie's line "I was supposed to die." It was great to sit around and discuss theories after the show and speculate about the future episodes.
When the party started I knew our hosts, my husband and two other people. By the end of the night I had had long involved conversations with 8 different people about good and evil, smoke monsters, slave ships, nosebleeds and time travel. Where else would that happen?

You've got 16 weeks to plan your finale party. Get to work!

Did anyone else attend a premier party? What did you do? Did you dress in costume? Any other great ideas?


  1. AAHH!!! This is the coolest thing EVER! I am totally jealous of this. None of my real-life friends are this info LOST. :(

  2. so jealous..I can barely find anyone where I live that even watches it! That looks like soo much fun

  3. Oh my goodness! What fun! I wish I could attend something like this.

  4. That looks like an awesome party! Alas, I had to suffer alone (well, my wife watched it but she's not a LOST fan).

    I will, however, be shoveling/plowing our snow this weekend in my Dharma jumpsuit (which was my Halloween costume last year).

  5. how fun!!! i love the pictures. looks like a blast!