Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Episode Recap: Lighthouse

Welcome to this week's episode, during which I'm live-blogging ... we'll see how that works!
  • Woah, Jack has a son?! And an angsty one too ...
  • LOVE the island tic-tac-toe game
  • Are they seriously going to introduce a NEW character at this point, or is Jacob talking about someone we already know coming to the island?
  • A new book: The Annotated Alice. I wonder, does this mean going to the island is like going down the rabbit hole?
  • Claire has clearly lost track of time ...
  • And it seems that Hurley didn't have any paper handy ...
  • I'm guessing that the "secret passage" leads to the same cave that the Locke-Monster and Sawyer went to last week - what do you think?
  • Ok, so, no, it leads to the jungle ... darn.
  • What what that in Claire's cradle - a teddy bear or a dead critter? Either way, creepy.
  • Claire: "Oh no, I'm not by myself."
  • (Kiddo now wants to know why the black guy thinks Claire is going to kill him and Jin.)
  • Kate: "Jack?! I almost shot you."
  • Off-island Jack isn't a big drinker - now THAT'S a nice change.
  • He IS a rather clueless dad though.
  • And now Jack's mom learns about Claire ...
  • Claire's been talking to her father and her "friend" ... I wonder if both of them were manifestations of the smoke monster?
  • Ah, we're back at the cave with the skeletons from Season 1 (I think, right?)
  • When Jack grabbed the rabbit statue I thought he was going to break into his ex-wife's house ... but he was just going for the key.
  • Jack's son saved his dad's message from Australia ... maybe there's hope for their relationship yet.
  • Hurley's comments to Jack about being "old school" as they're walking through the jungle are hilarious!
  • Jack: "I came back here because I was broken, and I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me."
  • Wait, there's ANOTHER temple?! Oh, no, it's just a lighthouse ... ?!
  • EEW! Claire just hacked the Other guy in stomach with an axe. I totally didn't see THAT coming.
  • Jack: "It doesn't say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?" HA!
  • Jack's son is a fabulous pianist, and it's making daddy cry. (Yes, Jack is crying ... are we really surprised?)
  • Woah, Dogan is at the music conservancy ...
  • Poor Hurley is exhausted after climbing to the top of the lighthouse. And it has taken me until now to realize that this might in some way be connected to the "real world" Lamppost station.
  • Did you notice all the names on the lighthouse dial?
  • How do those mirrors work?! I want to know what the deal is!
  • Oh yeah, breaking the mirrors is REALLY the best solution to this whole situation. Way to go Jack.
  • Aw, Jack and his son are bonding ... YAY!
  • Hurley: "That was your plan? I think it backfired man."
  • Jacob: "You can't warn them Hugo. I'm sorry, it's too late."
  • Jin obviously wants to get back to the temple and away from Claire ... I think I would too. Poor Claire, I always loved her character and now she is so ... um ... creepy?
  • I was right - the Locke-Monster is Claire's friend!

Ok, so, questions for everyone ...
  • In previous seasons, who else besides Jack & Claire saw Christian Shephard? And who else saw dead people? I'm wondering who the Locke-Monster has been influencing ...
  • Why doesn't off-island Jack remember having his appendix taken out?
  • Is crazy-Claire the same as crazy-Rousseau, or are they each a different kind of crazy?
  • Who do you think Jacob is trying to bring to the island?
That's all I've got - let's hear what you all came up with!

(And let me know if my live-blogging was fun or irritating.)


  1. 1. Who's Jack's baby mama?
    2. Claire is darkness crazy. Rousseau was just crazy from years alone.

    Rousseau talked of her crewmen being sick with something that made them not themselves. I think this is the same sickness that has Claire and is going to take Sayid.

  2. Final thought: Poor Jin....where the heck is Sun when ya need her?

  3. I don't think anyone new was really coming to the island. I think that was just a ploy by Jacob to get Jack and Hurley to the lighthouse.

  4. Well, we know Miles can hear dead people, but it doesn't appear he can see them. Hurley can see (and hear) them, but I'm not sure if he ever saw Christian. Locke (pre-death) did see Christian when he turned the donkey-wheel.

    I have a theory about Jack forgetting his appendix. It's a "crack" in the sideways flash and will unravel the whole time/space thing.

    I also have a thought about Claire and Rousseau being crazy. They both gave birth on-island but got pregnant off-island.

    I think it's Widmore that's coming back to the island. Or Aaron. Or Desmond. Or some new character.

    And hte live-blogging was fine!

  5. I'm so, soo sad about Claire! I really do wish we could get some new info about Christian. It seems like Claire recognizes Flocke and Christian as two seperate people, which would mean that Christian isn't possessed by the Smoke Monster since she recognizes the change in Locke. So then what is he?

    I thoguht the Lamppost might have some tie-in to the Lighthouse, but I can't figure out how that would work.

    I thought off-island Jack was seeing scars he got on the island during the crash. Didn't he injure himself and need Kate to sew in up in a similar spot? The scar looked redder and raised than one from several decades ago would be. Didn't something similar happn with his neck on the plane?

  6. Juju – 1) I’m guessing it’s his ex-wife from the original off-island storyline, but who knows, it could be another Lostie! 2) I think I agree on that. 3) I know, right?! Poor Jin. :(

    WillowRaven – Good theory, but I (so far) disagree – I think there is SOMEONE coming, but that Jack’s going to the Lighthouse was significant for other reasons as well.

    TK42ONE – Locke DID see Christian, didn’t he? Do you remember what Christian said to him? It was Christian that was pushing for the donkey wheel to be turned, wasn’t it? I wonder what that means for the story? As for who is coming back, I’m hoping it is either Walt or Eloise but I’m not holding my breath for either of them

    longbrakeliving – I’m sad about Claire as well. I’m thinking that since Smokey is in Locke-Monster now, it is no longer in Christian and his body is just lying dead somewhere. What do you think? As for Jack’s on-island injury from Season 1, I thought it was on his back but I really don’t remember for sure …

  7. I think Jacob wanted the mirrors destroyed so that Esau and John are unable to leave the Island. I do thing that the lighthouse is connected to the lampost station--in that they are similar. Is the lighthouse the wheel John turned when the Island disappeared?

  8. Jack's on Island injury--he had his appendix removed by Juliet, that is why when he noticed the scar he asked his mother if she remembered when how old he was when he had it removed.

  9. Kaye - you make some good points re: the mirrors ... not sure I agree, but who knows with this show?! ~LOL~

  10. I'm recapping; it will be up tomorrow. I didn't see the ax in the stomach coming either. I liked your live blogging, it was cool.

    I think Sarah, Jack's ex wife is David's mother, but I don't know that for sure.

    I thought the smashing of the mirrors was a little over the top as was running into Kate along the way.

    Still hoping for a Jin Sun reunion in the not too distant future.