Friday, October 2, 2009

LOST and Flash Forward?

There's been lots of chatter that the show Flash Forward is "the new Lost". Are any of you watching Flash Forward? Care to comment on that comparison?

Here are a few things I've come across lately:
  • SciFiWire has a hilarious chart that compares the two shows - click on the chart to enlarge it so you can read the details
  • Was there a spoiler for the upcoming final season of LOST on the premier episode of Flash Forward? Check it out here.
I have to admit that I am NOT watching FF, nor do I plan to.* But I would love to know if anyone IS watching!

* Of course, I said that about LOST when it first started ...


  1. I'm watching both (FlashForward live and a re-watch of LOST on BluRay). While they do share some similarities, so far LOST is by far much better. Maybe because I'm a sucker for people stranded on an island, maybe because I know more about LOST. Either way, LOST still wins.

    But don't count FlashForward out just yet. I do have a beef with how quickly things were "back to normal" after the flash (like cell phones were back up, hospitals were caught up on patients, television was working, etc.). But the concept is great and of course the acting is pretty good so far (and we haven't even seen Charlie from LOST yet).

  2. Thanks for your input - I'm glad to hear the new show has potential!

  3. Yes I am really enjoying Flashforward, though I think all it really has in common with LOST is time travel and a couple of actors.

  4. I do not look forward to Flashforward, and have since given up. I don't anxiously await the episodes like I do for LOST. And it does remind me too much of LOST.
    There's just something missing. Can't put my finger on it yet.

  5. hmm, I still don't think I'm going to try Flashforward ... don't want to get stuck into a new show :)