Thursday, April 30, 2009

Episode Recap: "The Variable"

Can you believe this is the 100th episode of LOST?! Exciting stuff!

Here are the random thoughts I jotted down while watching this episode:

  • Little Charlie is so cute! I do hope his daddy is alright. UPDATE: Yes, he IS ok!

  • Mrs. Hawking was one mean mama. No piano for you little Daniel, and no girlfriend either.

  • Faraday: "I'm ... from the future." Ha.

  • Phil is in the kitchen cabinet. Now that's gotta hurt.

  • Sawyer to Faraday: "Welcome to the meeting Twitchy."

  • What happened to Faraday's memory? Is it b/c he experimented on himself so much? But if so, why did he move on to experimenting on Theresa? Did something go wrong AFTER the Theresa debacle?

  • Ellie Other IS Eloise Hawking. We knew it all along, didn't we? UPDATE: I wish they would have kept the same actress from the 1950s Others - I liked her Ellie much better.

  • Sawyer calling Faraday HG Wells = hilarious

  • Radzinsky is NUTS. Why were he and his goons toting around guns in the first place? What were they up to?

  • Mrs. Hawking looked very creepy when she told Daniel that going back to the island would make her proud. What's up with her? Does she know something bad will happen to him? UPDATE: Daniel IS the son of Ellie and Charles (another thing we highly suspected) and mom definitely knows something bad is going to happen to him back on the island. UPDATE UPDATE: Mom shot her son!!!! AAAAHHHH! How could she tell him to go back when she knew that was going to happen?!?!?!?!

  • Desmond really is OK. *huge sigh of relief*

Very exciting episode in my opinion. What do you all think?

My burning questions for this week:

  1. WHY did Mrs. Hawking send Daniel back knowing full well what would happen? What mother could DO that?!

  2. I'm feeling hopeful that Des and Pen will have a happy ending after all ... do you agree/disagree?

  3. What's the deal with Radzinsky? Is there something going on we don't know about?

  4. Was Daniel right, people really are the variables? Or was he wrong, and they really can't change anything?

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  1. Maybe Eloise sent Daniel back because she knew he would live?

  2. Maybe Eloise sent Daniel back because she believed him to be smart enough, "special" enough to change things?

  3. Yeah, I've seen those theories bandied about in some of the recaps but I don't know ... not sure what I think just yet.

  4. I definitely think/hope that Penny and Desmond will have a happy ending...

    And I just don't think that Eloise knew that telling him to go to the island would end in her shooting him. I go in to my opinion slightly more on my post, bu at that point, it hadn't happened yet -- I think sending Jack, Kate, and the others back was the variable that set off that chain of events. And when she said she didn't know what happened next, she was saying she didn't know how sending them back might effect things. As it happened, Daniel saw their photo and hopped a sub from Ann Arbor... if my theory is correct, she will have a "memory" pop into her head the same way Desmond did after encountering Dan in the past. Ummm.. so what do you think?? ;P

  5. Sara Eliza -

    Although you DO make a very good argument, I'll had to disagree on the not-knowing-I-shoot-my-son thing. Did you see the look on her face when she told him he had to go back? He asked her if it would make her proud and although she said yes, she was DEFINITELY looking anything but proud. That one scene is more emotion than she’s expressed at any time on camera. Add that to her comment to Charles in their conversation on sacrifice and I’m certain that she knew she was sending Daniel to be shot by her younger self.

    But feel free to disagree! :)

  6. Desmond and Penny may be safe, but what about little Charlie!? LOST really makes me fear for the saftey of ANY child left alone. Ben would probably want to nab him, Illana's group might, and what if some of the island "dead but not quite" come? Its just not safe!

    Is it possible/logical/feasable that Radzinsky knows something about the future or is from the future? He seems to always know what's going on and is trying to prevent the O6 from stopping the release of energy that crashes their flight. It seems somewhat far-fetched to me, but I can't think of any other way to explain his actions. Anyboyd else with ideas?

  7. longbrakeliving - not sure, but what I DO know is that Radzinsky is completely nuts. He gives me the creeps. No wonder he survived as long as he did, alone on the island ... he's like a cockroach - you just can't kill those things!

  8. I think Farraday was wrong, and that he couldn't change it, which is just proved by his getting shot despite his best attempts to set things on a new course. If that's true, it seems like the episode was partly to wrap up his story well, since he is so well liked, and I just hate it that he's gone (I think)!