Thursday, January 22, 2009

Episode Recaps?

Hi all. Hope you don't mind me putting up the first "conversation" post here at the Lost Books Challenge blog.

I'm thinking we should have a post for every week's episode. Since there are tons of people out there writing recaps on their blogs, the comment section of these posts will be the place to link up to your own recap (or another good one you've seen), and also to discuss what's going on in the show. What say you? If I get some yeses in the comments, I'll create a new post for the season opener.

And what about spoilers? Are we assuming that whoever is reading these episode recap posts has actually watched the episode in question? So, spoilers ... ok or not ok?

Anxiously waiting for your input ...
- Heather (Age 30+ ... A Lifetime of Books)


  1. I think spoilers are OK, and I was going to put a linky up at Semicolon to catch everybody's posts starting next week. However, if you're going to do it here, I won't be redundant.

  2. I think spoilers are OK - I'm curious to see what others think. To start things off, here's the link to my "Morning After LOST" post:

  3. I think spoilers as far as what was in the episode is okay, but please don't spoil me on something that hasn't been shown yet! :) also let me know if you want me to add Mister Linky in.

  4. Why go reading blogs about LOST if you haven't watched the current episode yet? Bring on the spoilers! It's too hard to carry on a cohesive conversation without typing freely about everything that went on in the episode.

    I think a Mr. Linky would be AWESOME! It makes it so much easier to find everyone.

    My thoughts are here: