Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Review: The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne

Here is an excerpt from my review of THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, by Jules Verne:
Five men and a dog traveling in a hot air balloon are caught up in violent storm. "They continue to travel for many, many miles, finally crash landing on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. Using only their ingenuity and resources they find on the island they create a very civilized home for themselves, complete with (almost) all the modern conveniences. The island seems to be a perfect - albeit lonely - home for the five men. But all is not exactly well. Due to some rather strange occurrences the men become convinced that they are not alone on the island ..."


The creators of [Lost] credit The Mysterious Island as the chief inspiration for the show.

You can read the complete review on my blog at this link.

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  1. I bought this for the last round and didn't finish, so I plan to read it this time around....looking forward to it. :)